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Important Tips Of Vaginal Soreness After Intercourse

  • Avoid sex during infections:- If you experience more pain then normal during intercourse like burning, irritation, itching, then that may be due to infection. Escorts recommend to avoid intercourse during infection and follow a proper care routine like maintaining proper PH balance of your vagina, using cold clothes on the uvula, and consulting to your gynecologist for future care tips.
  • Get medical checkups if you have any medical condition:- If you have any medical condition like Endometriosis, Vaginismus, PID, etc. Then you should get proper medical checkup and treatment as according to las vegas escorts, intercourse during any of these medical conditions can cause high vaginal soreness and irritation.
  • Go slow and use mental stimulation before penetration:- Going slow and gentle in starting and having a fun, playful, intercourse relax vagina and expands it for deeper penetration. las vegas call girls highly recommend using foreplay and oral playful acts in starting for a better and pain-free, pleasurable sexual experience.

In conclusion, using proper techniques and methods you can reduce vaginal soreness after intercourse.

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